Podere Jana: the most beautiful of Tuscany’s places in total relaxation

Do you wish to spend an unforgettable holiday in Tuscany? Choose Podere Jana, an antique 16th-century Tuscan farmhouse, and you will never regret it.

The farmhouse Podere Jana is situated in the little village of Marcello, and it is surrounded by the green hills of Vinci, in province of Florence. Here you will find everything you need for your stay in Italy, in one of the most beautiful regions of the Country: in fact, there are several opportunities to relax within this structure, but you can also spend more active days by taking the opportunity of moving and doing outdoor activities near the antique Tuscan farmhouse, such as trekking, trap-shooting, golf, mini-golf, tennis and horse riding.

There is a wide range of offers among which you can freely choose, by bringing to the fore your wellbeing.

But, if after a stressful and busy winter you only want to indulge in carefree idleness, no problem at all: the 6 x 12 m swimming pool of your rentable farmhouse is awaiting you, ready to welcome you for restoring swims and pamper you while you are relaxing on the beach mattress at the pool edge, under the umbrellas shades at your free disposal. Then you have just to look around you to discover that you are surrounded by ancient green olive trees and that you can embrace in a single glance the build-up area of Vinci, the wonderful village where Leonardo was born, and the whole Montalbano.

The prestigious Tuscan farmhouse exterior offers you also a well-kept and wide garden where you can enjoy the luxuriant country coolness and devote yourself to a barbecue in the evenings you want to cook a meal: in fact, there is an antique restored oven with a big and functional grill at your disposal.

Let’s move now to the internal area of Podere Jana: here you will find eight charming rentable apartments to choose among, according to your needs and the number of people in your group. Remember that if you belong to a numerous group, our farmhouse is ready to welcome you without any problem at all: our seventeen bedrooms are all finely fitted and are able to host up to 35 – 40 people.

Some of the relaxing apartments of Podere Jana are placed in the manor house, which is featured by a charming vintage oil mill – you will be able to admire the perfectly kept mills and hand presses used for the olive pressing operations – whereas the other apartments have been made from the nearby farmers’ house: the accommodations have been cared to the smallest detail, and boast an enviable view on the surrounding hills.

The structure has been completely restored by considering the traditional architectural style, and its typical features are found in the stone façades, the door and window cornices, the serena stone stairs, antique tiles of the roof – which is however ventilated through modern techniques, the traditional terracotta tiles for the internal floors, the joists of the ceiling made in chestnut, oak and cypress wood, the tenuous colour plasters for the walls and the original frescos decorating some ceilings.

It is unique and special: spending some days in your rentable farmhouse in Tuscany you will discover that every accommodation has kept the indelible signs of its past history, thus giving the rooms an exquisite touch of antique elegance.

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podere jana: the story

Before starting the restoration of this property, in the chest of drawers of granny Zelinda we found a little brown cardboard folder, tied by a black ribbon and full of important documents concerning the house and about the property story from 1671: “located in the Municipality of Vitolino – Podestà’s Office of Vinci – in a place called Agliana or Empoli”.

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